Minggu, 29 Juni 2008

Library Crimes

I am upstairs listening to squirrels scuttle across the roof. I prefer the click of a dog's nails on the floor inside the house. We had a good rain last night, though I can only be vague about these things. I've always wanted a rain gauge. I weeded my little garden plot yesterday, which really only makes it more hospitable for more weeds. I will come back to chaos. But I will look out the window as I pack and admire what is tidy. I did get up to the library yesterday and decided I'd try to check out four items since I had returned four. (I had been two over my limit.) I set my four books down with an appropriate blend of nonchalance and authority. The librarian pulled my information up on the computer like a good secret agent and said, "Have you returned any today?" "Yes, I just put four in the bin." "Oh, o.k." Wow. That was easy. I ought to move on to more dangerous things.

I'll be away from internet access for week and will post when I return. Be Well...

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