Selasa, 10 Juni 2008

Garden of Good and Evil

I really love wandering around the Beal Botanical Garden on campus, but this could destroy it for me. Poison Ivy? On display? On a trellis? In a garden? What kind of mad curator would do this? This has all the potential for a low budget b grade horror flick. I can hardly breathe when I pass it. But once you do one can learn all sorts of important things. The finely ground roots of the Cardinal Flower should be eaten by quarrelsome couples, though the Meskwaki also use it to ward off storms. Wild Ginger is an effective expectorant, and Jack-in-the-Pulpit works well in a poultice to treat swelling and boils. There is free medical advice everywhere in this garden. Someday I am going to show up and there will be pharmacists in white lab coats wandering around clipping leaves while patients rest on old cots, moaning beneath the rhododendrons.

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