Rabu, 12 Januari 2011

Boba Fett - Mini Amigurumi

I was delayed a bit by Christmas, but I've finally finished my pattern for a miniature Boba Fett. This bounty hunter with the fearsome reputation is only 3.5" tall, and the pattern to make him is available in my Etsy shop.

It was difficult to get his helmet right, but in the end I was very happy with it. It was also hard to find the right colour for his armour - every photo I looked at for reference looked slightly different, and for my first prototype I used an olive green. Then I found this colour, I would describe it as a sage green, which I think works well. I decided against making his rocket backpack, because I felt it would overwhelm him, given his size, but he had to have his little ragged cloak.

I'm hoping to come up with a few more Star Wars characters - I'm working on Obi Wan Kenobi at the moment, then I think I'll have a go at Admiral Ackbar and a Jawa.

Jumat, 07 Januari 2011

Skittles & Ice

Here is what the end of December looked like:

My dad made this for me when I was in eighth grade. The board is cherry, the pins and the top are walnut. Inspired after a trip to Berea, Kentucky, when we stayed at an inn with a skittles game in the lobby.

There was also beautiful ice: