Rabu, 18 Juni 2008


I am upstairs next to an open window, which is a fine thing. It was cool enough that I closed things up today, which created a certain kind of claustrophobia. I suppose there are all sorts. This was the type that did not leave me gasping for air so much as it made me feel like I had bits of lint stuffed in my ears. An open window brings tremendous relief. I tried playing "BEEP" with Tommy at the park yesterday. I was "it" most of the time, which meant I had to close my eyes and grope around the jungle gym trying to tag him. This is a game that really should not be played unless you cheat, but I was loathe to break the rules. So I smashed my knuckles and bumped my knees and experienced the "I can't see" type of claustrophobia, which is related to but distinct from the "I can't hear" variety. It's all too much sensory deprivation. So I am drinking sounds (ears can do this, actually. They can gulp, and I suppose they might even burp, depending what they hear) and trying not to blink.

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