Minggu, 06 April 2008


Mosquitos or mosquitoes?  You can't go wrong either way.  What a generous, forgiving language we employ.  

I just got an email from my cousin.  She is studying at the London School of Economics and writing a paper about anti-malaria campaigns in Uganda and Tanzania.  Our lives are really overlapping here, though she might argue otherwise.  I just got a book (in theory for Tommy, but I'm busy reading it and he hasn't even seen it yet) about insects.  It's very glossy and basic, but the pictures are cool (and gross) and there are some interesting passages.  For instance, I now know (now and know are interesting words to write right next to each other.  Write and right are interesting words....) that there are 70 species of mosquito that can transmit malaria. Whether this is actually accurate or not, I don't know (now).  DDT was a disastrous experiment. What else are they trying?  My glossy, basic book (Buzz, by Josie Glausiusz.  Photographs by Volker Steger) mentions that scientists modified an Indian species of the mosquito so it could no longer transmit malaria. The idea was to release this mosquito into the wild and hope it replaced the more deadly variety. What? Wouldn't this just create more mosquitoes (I'm giving both spellings equal time here) in the world?  This is what comes of reading glossy, basic books published in 2004.  I have fours years of research and field work I've missed.  Maybe my cousin will let me read her paper.  I'll stay here in Michigan and put jewel weed on my bites.

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