Kamis, 10 April 2008

Cold Rain

It's all about temperature.  If I had titled this entry "Summer Rain," your head would be somewhere else right now.  Either outside or inside, but somewhere else:  running barefoot through an orchard or stretched out on a cottage porch with a book.  But it's a cold rain, so there is more gloom. Why is that? It's fluid, not frozen, and that should still feel (or sound) like a novelty.  People buy recordings of "nature sounds" (including rain), so why aren't more people saying, "Oh, this sounds so good!" I haven't heard anybody say that today.  But this particular rain is, by turns, percussive and gentle, and the splats and taps on my kitchen window are mostly friendly, even if the fingers are cold.  

Incidentally,  I don't actually agree with the mass proliferation of "nature recordings."  I want to save those sounds for when they really come so my ears don't get worn out and hard to impress.  

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