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Jonas' Girlfriend Aspirants, Read On

Do you know your stuff about the Jonas Brothers? Can you call yourself a real fan? Well if you want to be Nick Jonas' girlfriend or any of the Jonas' gf, then you better read these Jonas Brothers facts.
Did you know that the Jonas Brothers Bands started when Nick Jonas, the youngest of the three started a solo career? At six years old, nick was discovered be a manager while the young kid was crooning at the barber shop. Nick then got into Broadway after a year and started in A Christmas Carol as Tiny Tim and even at Les Miserables.
He also acted in Beauty and the Beast which was about the time Nick wrote a musical piece with his dad entitled "Joy to the Word - A Christmas Prayer." The song was sung on a yearly charity event for AIDS produced by Broadway. It was a big hit. INO Records produced it and Christian Radio made it popular through the airwaves.
Meanwhile, while all this was happening, Joe Jonas also went joined the Broadway bandwagon staring on a version of the play La Boheme. As Nick's solo career gained moderate success, it got him noticed. By this time, the three brothers had already started writing songs together for Nick. They eventually were corralled by Columbia records and finally named themselves as the Jonas Brothers.
The newly formed "band of brothers" joined several concert tours by famous pop stars such as Jesse McCartney, Backstreet Boys, Click Five, and even Kelly Clarkson. The also spent some time with Aly and AJ. Incidentally AJ Mishalka and Joe Jonas dated each other as a result of this hot musical set. Don't worry girls because it seems that they are no longer dating each other right now.
Their album, "It's About Time" was a result of collaboration with famous song writers from Bon Jovi, Destiny's Child, Aerosmith, Hanson, and Fountains of Wayne. This album's release was delayed a few times because of some deacons from the executives. The first single, Mandy was aired on Dec 2005. Instantly, the song rocketed up the charts and was requested everywhere.
After that, the album was finally released. The band currently has three albums under their belt namely: It's About Time (2006), Jonas Brothers (2007), and A Little Bit Longer (2008). They appeared on various T.V. shows such as Disney's Hannah Montana. This is also were Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus, the star of Hannah Montana hooked up. Rumor has it that the two have been dating but have now broken up.
The brother's success is now undeniable as they have millions of fans and even a smash Disney movie Camp Rock. The boys have too much work on their hands with tours and promotions that they have no girlfriends. After all, being gone most of the year, who would have time for that? So for you girls out there who want to be one of the Jonas' girlfriend, sorry, you'll have to wait. They even wear purity rings that means they're saving sex for marriage.

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