Senin, 05 Maret 2012

Poetry, poetry, poetry! Chapbooks! So many chapbooks! And lit many journals. It was such a pleasure to go to AWP in Chicago and soak all that up. I came home with many books, including James Haug's Why I Like Chapbooks (Factory Hollow Press). It's really lovely. Why does Haug love chapbooks? Here are a few excerpts:

They're distilled books.

They're books that aren't books. They prefer not to be books.

They can travel in your clothes.

They're the one percent of what you remember about a dream.

The train on the way there was mostly on time and the train on the way home was on time, and tucked in between those trains there were so many books, so many ideas. Also some very good food and some special friends, and a cozy stay at the Burnham.

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