Selasa, 01 Juni 2010

First Camping Trip of 2010

We had a fantastic trip over to Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness Area last weekend. We hiked in and camped and had a fine site with a beautiful view, which we shared with friends who drove up from Chesterton, Indiana. There were so many good things about the trip: friends, pie irons over the campfire, morning coffee, middle-of-the-night loon calls, good wine, sound of waves, sound of wind, and good books. Last week, as I was packing for the trip, a package arrived from my friend Karin with a copy of The Cosmopolitan, poems by Donna Stonecipher. It's strange and wonderful and quite compelling -- and really fantastic to read in a tent! Stonecipher includes this note to the reader, which is an interesting (and helpful) introduction to the book:

These poems were written while I was thinking about my generation's relationship to quotation and collage. After a visit to the Metropolitan Museum's furniture collection, during which I looked at the inlaid furniture, followed by an encounter in another museum with one of Joseph Cornell's boxes, in which a postcard was hung by a pin, the first Inlay was born. As with these relationships, the inlaid quotes here are (mostly) autonomous within the surrounding poems; the quotes are from books I happened to be reading during the period the poems were written, when I was living in Berlin.

Several years ago, I read Michael Redhill's Martin Sloane, a novel rooted in the art of Joseph Cornell. I am finding extra pleasure in Stonecipher's book because of that experience.

Here is the view from inside the tent:

And our little fire the first night there:

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