Rabu, 28 April 2010

Good Things of Campus

I'm on the MSU campus a lot -- we use it like a big park -- and every time I run there, I see interesting things...someone kayaking the rapids in late winter after the thaw; someone stretched on the grass, drawing; someone reading on the river bank. Today I saw these hanging from the pines behind Kresge Art Museum. (No, I don't run with my camera! I went back and got it today.)

I went inside the museum too, and found some fantastic exhibits, including this (windblown?) house.

Then I decided to find the Center for Poetry at MSU's Residential College in the Arts and Humanities. I met two very friendly people there, one an undergraduate and one an MFA student. They were changing the "Poem of the Day" posted on the bulletin board, so I also came home with a copy of yesterday's: William Kloefkorn's "My Love for All Things Warm and Breathing." It seemed especially appropriate to read in a university hallway.

All of this, just after hearing John Corigliano talk last week in a studio on campus. He was in town for a full week with the MSU College of Music.

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