Rabu, 03 Maret 2010

Fairy Doors

Several weeks ago, Tommy and I went to Ann Arbor for the day to eat good food, look for some carving supplies at Hollander's, go ice skating, eat more good food, and look for fairy doors. We didn't find the carving supplies, but we met a very nice man when we were skating who happens to be friends with the Hollanders. Here is how we know that: We commenced to chat, as my mom would say, and he found out we live in East Lansing. He asked us what else we were doing in Ann Arbor, and I told him we went to Hollander's. He asked if we saw Tom and Cindy. I had not told him our names. We were outside and the scrape of blades on ice made it a little hard to hear when someone who started talking also started skating away at the same time. And so the conversation became quite confusing. I heard, "Tom and Cindy," and I said, "Pardon?" He said "Tom and Cindy!" and I said "Pardon?" This went on for some time until we stopped skating and he said, "Tom and Cindy Hollander! They own the place!" I apologized and then I introduced ourselves and it was all quite funny. We did find fairy doors. They're wonderful!

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