Jumat, 15 Januari 2010

The Week in Review

Here, in no particular order, is a list of good things about the week:

Pesto pizza from Georgio's.

Watching The Brothers Bloom with Thad.

Walking in the Baker Wood Lot with Shanna and Gumbo and Gibson.

Watching Gibson and Gumbo chase each other around a beech tree.

Listening to Tommy play with Legos in the hallway upstairs. Hearing his knees shuffle across the floor, hearing bits of his narration and his various sound effects for helicopters and motercycles, hearing small wheels roll across the floor...

Listening to three boys play with Legos in the hallway upstairs. Listening to them plot, organize, compromise.

Eavesdropping on Tommy's piano lesson.

Watching 4th grade basketball.

Sealing up envelopes stuffed with poetry submissions. Dropping envelopes into the mail box.

Reading to Tommy before bed.

Baking scones for the teachers' luncheon.

Reading Greg Rappleye's poems in the new issue of Shenandoah.




Dust motes.

Smell of coffee.

Creaks in the floorboards.

Turquoise Smartwool socks.

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