Rabu, 21 Oktober 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

Yesterday's New York Times included an excellent piece by David Brooks, Where the Wild Things Are. In this he discusses the competing views of conduct and character, using Spike Jonze's new film adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are to explore the differences. It is such a thoughtful analysis of behavior, willpower, weakness and virtue. "There is no easy way to command all the wild things jostling inside," he writes. "But it is possible to achieve momentary harmony through creative work. Max has all the Wild Things at peace when he is immersed in building a fort or when he is giving another his complete attention..."

I am nearing the end of another month of a (modified) poetry collaboration with my friend Karin, and am keenly aware that my "momentary harmony" is achieved when I'm working on a poem. This time around we've only committed to sending each other three poems each week for the month of October. It's a nice pace, and it's a lot of fun to find her poems in my inbox.

David Brooks is always worth reading. So is Where the Wild Things Are.

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