Selasa, 18 Agustus 2009


Finally! A few days of heat and languor, sunshine and swimming.

We introduced Gibson to the Au Sable. I settled him, gently, into a still, shallow spot by the bank, but he squirmed away and scampered right out. Hopefully this will change. He preferred walking in the woods and resting on the cool concrete of the porch. It is a fine porch, with a view of the lake and a little wood stove waiting for cool fall mornings. I set up a table in the path of a breeze and carved two stamps. The little brown job is supposed to be a wood thrush.

The kingfisher is a bit more recognizable.

I used this book for a reference, which I brought home from my grandpa's house last fall. It was published by the National Geographic Society in 1927.

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