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OED References to Whippets as a dog type/breed

Here are the references for whippet from the Oxford English Dictionary, more commonly known as the OED. The OED contains etymological references. Etymology is essentially the study and tracing the history of words. Go to http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/etymology for a full definition. An early reference [1550] of whippet is "a light and lively lass" (I wouldn't mind one of those too). In terms of dogs, prior to the 1610 reference was the use of whappet which is referenced as a mangy cur or whiney dog. Not to a type of dog in terms of breed such as the later references.

4. a. A small breed of dog; now spec. a cross between a greyhound and a terrier or spaniel, used for coursing and racing, esp. in the north of England.

With the earliest examples cf. WHAPPET.

a1610 HEALEY Theophrastus (1616) 75 If a little dog or whippet of his dye, รด hee makes him a tombe.

c1615 W. GODDARD Mastiff Whelp G3, Too loude thou barkest Whelpe, I must haue whippets now, that doe but yelpe.

1630 J. TAYLOR (Water P.) Dogge of Warre Wks. II. 232 The little Curre, Whippet, or House-dogge.

1645 MILTON Colast. 26 If a man cannot peaceably walk into the world, but must bee infested..with bauling whippets, and shin-barkers.

1665 in Sporting Mag. XLII. 10 To seize..all such greyhounds, beagles, or whipperts [sic].

1841 HARTSHORNE Salopia Antiqua 614 Whippet, a dog bred betwixt a greyhound and a spaniel.

1884 St. James's Gaz. 18 Oct. 6/2, I found a man training a wiry racing-dog... The ‘whippet’ strode along with great earnestness.attrib. and Comb.

1885 Bazaar 30 Mar. 1260/3 Fawn whippet bitch for sale.

1894 F. LLOYD Whippet & Race-Dog viii. 45 The National Whippet-racing Club. Ibid. xi. 73 A most important personage on the Whippet-track is the clerk of the scales.

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