Jumat, 02 Januari 2009


Oh! I've been away for 11 days. It began with a drive. It was not a long drive. The drive was even an adventure. My car made horrible metal-on-metal sounds. I pulled off and decided I shouldn't drive. Then I did drive. I made it to the place I wanted to be and called Subaru. Subaru sent a flat bed trailer to pick up my car. My car went away and I stayed. That was fine. I didn't need a car. I had ice. It was great ice! For three days. And three nights. Night skating! Oh! After three days and three nights of shoveling and skating and shoveling and skating and skating and skating and skating and shoveling and skating, we got rain. It all turned to soup. But it was pretty soup. Who needs a car when you have ice skates and Bean boots? I did, eventually, and it is back now, and I am back now.

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