Rabu, 13 Agustus 2008


My head is full of good things. My stomach only has coffee and a croissant and a fresh peach from the farmers market in it, so it will need something else soon. But my head is stocked with fine pictures.

Tommy took his boat collection up to the cottage. Here is one I started to make about 20 years ago. My dad and Tommy finished it last summer, adding a keel and a rudder, and my mom made the sail.

There were loon babies this year on the lake. Here is one of them, accompanied by a parent. I have tremolos and yodels in my head too.

This is a favorite spot...a pond surrounded by a spongy bog. The spongy part is solid enough to walk on and has some good hummocks to bounce on.

And here is a boy with his head in the clouds.

We had a good week which included a trip down the Au Sable and a wedding in Harbor Springs. My dear old friend Maureen got married on Saturday. It was a beautiful celebration. Among other fine things -- her sister's broad smile, her mom's pleasure, the grand tents in the field, the tomato salad with basil and chevre, the late evening Lebanese Mazza --was her brother's toast. A toast is really its own literary genre, distinct from the essay or the poem, and the artful side of the tribute or the wish is sometimes neglected. Too many are bland or generic or sappy. Tom's was funny and poignant and meaningful. It was art.

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