Minggu, 18 Mei 2008

Art's Carbon Footprint

I walked up to the East Lansing Art Festival yesterday and again today. I bought a necklace from an artist in Pennsylvania and a barrette from a woodworker in Pentwater. I am not sure what this does for the "buy local" movement, but all movements get tipped upside down every now and then, even by those who believe in them. The barrette is wood, except for the clasp, and it has a beautiful grain. It's Kingwood, from Brazil. I hope it is not the last of its species. I think I'll know if it is. The weight of it will slowly tip my head, until I am either gaping at the sky or bowed in guilt. I had sweet potato chips and lemonade from the Flats Grill stand, lentils from Altu's, and a brownie from Mongolian Barbecue. The Festival is great, and the convergence of artists from so many towns and so many states is part of the fun. I like meeting these people, and returning to see some of them each year. I suppose they drove large vehicles many miles to peddle their wares, but they are artists and artists need to do these things. Is it fair -- or even worthwhile -- to consider the carbon footprint of art? I don't think so. Give me local apples, but let art have a large free range.

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